Hello, and thank you for visiting my website…

If your here, I believe it’s for a reason. Ninety percent of the calls, emails I receive are from clients who experienced some sort of paranormal phenomenon.

All cases I have come across are different, but often entail similar ways of the paranormal/spiritual realm trying to maintain contact.
How this works; send me a email of your information and if you have any history of your location this is greatly important.
Once all the information has been gone over, I’ll be able to decipher what type of spirit might be lingering around.

I work alone, sometimes I will bring in a extra investigator depending on the situation. If I come to investigate it will be discreet, as your privacy is of the upmost respect. None of any evidence collected will be used on this website with the clients permission.
If you feel that you have something going on in your home or workplace, I’d love to hear from you.

God Bless